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If you can't make up your mind which massage lady to choose then you could ask one of the attendants who will be close by.Sometimes the attendants hover too close and can become annoying.Capable of being reached only with great difficulty or not at all.

For some cool avice on making the encounter a successful one I highly recommend reading the e-Book by Bill Williams.

Now this is an often asked question posted on forums that discuss and report about soapy massage encounters.

Reading several forums myself I found that more than 70% of the posts were reporting a "negative" experience. We all know these massage parlors are businesses set up to make money.

If you strike up a rapport with one of the attendants who are fluttering around he or she might know the various attributes and skills of the girls so you can just tell the attendant your preferences.

When you make a decision, the massage parlor attendant, sometimes using a microphone, will call the massage girl's number over the speaker which is located in the massage girls seating area (In the gold fish bowl). You have a chance to chat for a few minutes or go direct to the massage room.

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